NintendoCapriSun (NCS) has used many memorable quotes, most pale in comparison to the magnitude that is "IN THE BATHROOM!" It is ultimately reflected by NCS's affinity for all things bathroom related, and his consistent intermingling with bathroom themed scenarios in several video games. The quote was first used in Let's Play Earthbound when NCS made the remark that draining his PP would make him not have to go to the bathroom, and then said, "You know, like 'IN THE BATHROOM', like that Weird Al song", referring to Weird Al Yankovic's "A Complicated Song." In Let's Play Conker's Bad Fur Day, he gives a more detailed explanation of the line's origin and why he continues to quote it throughout many of his LP's. Though the usage of the quote may seem, at times, unreasoned or unintended. The consistent and unrelenting use of the phrase has been a contributing factor for NCS's popularity in the YouTube community. As a joke NCS added an IN THE BATHROOM! count in his Let's Play Conker's Bad Fur Day because of the fun of it. Each time he says the phrase, as well as the counter increasing, a "ding" is heard; this gag has since found its way into other, more recent LP's that do not include counters.