Castlevania ncs

Fighting first boss

Let's play "Castlevania" is, by start date, NCS' 53rd LP. The game is for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Let's Play ended on Jan. 27, 2012 with 4 parts. It is perhaps best known for its third episode, in which NCS, after losing the holy water power-up at the 3:45 minute mark, begins a series of death and failure that result in a hilarious bout of frustration.


NCS talked about the LP in a few tweets. He started by saying that "he finished a small 8-bit game". Then, four days later, he tweets that he made a preview video for his new Let's Play. It ends up being a new parody song on one of the Castlevania's music.


Playlist : N/A

Ep.# Episode Name Upload Date Video Link
1 It Does Get Harder Jan. 21, 2012 Click Here
2 More Holy Water Abuse Jan. 23, 2012 Click Here
3 HOLY FAILBALLS! Jan. 24, 2012 Click Here
4 The Game Is Laughing At Me (FINALE) Jan. 27, 2012 Click Here