Screenshot of first episode.

Metroid is NCS 47th Let's Play. It started on August 11, 2011, ended on August 23, 2011 and have 7 parts. It is also part of 8-bit summer started by MasterXPlouDer. NCS mentionned in the first episode that another 8-bit game will be played before the end of August.


Click here to see the playlist (N/A)

Ep.# Episode Name Upload Date Link
1 Most Awkward Intro Ever? Aug. 11, 2011 Click Here
2 Norfair Fight Aug. 14, 2011 Click Here
3 Screwing Around Aug. 15, 2011 Click Here
4 Ridley's Hideout Aug. 16, 2011 Click Here
5 Right Now, Kraid Is Worried Aug. 17, 2011 Click Here
6 Kraid's Hideout Aug. 19, 2011 Click Here
7 This Is Some Finale Aug. 23, 2011 Click here