Ncs nsmbwii

Luigi is Chibi, Mario is NCS.

Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii is NintendoCapriSun's first organised Co-Op Let's play. The Co-Op stars Chibinekodemyx has the guest player. This Let's Play, unless otherwise noted, is on hold.


Part Upload Date Link
1 Mar. 31, 2012 Click Here
2 April 01, 2012 Click Here
3 April 04, 2012 Click Here
4 April 07, 2012 Click Here
5 April 09, 2012 Click Here
6 April 11, 2012 Click Here
7 May 13, 2012*

Click Here


  • Episode 7 was originally uploaded on April 14 by Empolo18 while NCS was out. Empolo, seeing that people was bitching about the desync, removed the video. NCS re-uploaded it a month later with the title "Re-synced At Last".