Sotc (Copier)

First episode

Shadow of the Collossus, a game for the PS2 released in 2005, is NCS' 57th Let's Play of which started on July 24, 2012. Tim plays the HD version of the game on the PS3 which means that it's the first Let's Play he actually does in HD (encoded in 720p, except episode 4 to 7: see trivia) with his Happauge HDPVR. He plans on having a more serious mood to fit the game's world but he did mention that he doen't plan of doing the game like Lucahjin played it. The LP finished on Sept. 14 which was recorded with Lucahjin co-commenting right after he came back from Pax Prime 2012 held in Seattle. Episode 18 is dubbed by NCS as an"epilogue video" (or bonus video) where shows off the Time Attack mode.


# Episode Name Upload Date Link
1 Pilot July 24, 2012 Click Here
2 Every Man for Himself July 25, 2012 Click Here

The Shape of Things to Come

July 28, 2012 Click Here
4 The Cost Of Living Aug. 05, 2012 Click Here
5 Par Avion Aug. 06, 2012 Click Here
6 The Constant Aug. 08, 2012 Click Here
7 Adrift Aug. 09, 2012 Click Here
8 House Of The Rising Sun Aug. 11, 2012 Click Here
9 Everybody Hates Hugo Aug. 12, 2012 Click Here
10 Through The Looking Glass Aug. 14, 2012 Click Here
11 The Variable Aug. 15, 2012 Click Here
12 Further Instructions Aug. 16, 2012 Click Here
13 The Long Con Aug. 17, 2012 Click Here
14 Two For The Road Aug. 19, 2012 Click Here
15 Lockdown Aug. 21, 2012 Click Here
16 Live Together, Die Alone (feat. Lucahjin) Sept. 12, 2012 Click Here
17 The End (feat. Lucahjin) Sept. 14, 2012 Click Here
18 Numbers (Bonus Video) Sept. 16, 2012 Click Here


  • During the course of this LP, between July 28 and August 5, NCS went to see his mom. During that travel, bad luck happened as he got there. He learned that his grandmother was in the hospital, then died on July 30 and thus decided to stay a bit longer. He arrived on August 5 and recorded episode 4 the same day. In this episode, he decided to openly tell his story. Most fans showed their respect and gave their sympathies to him.
  • Because of the death of his grandmother, he couldn't record the long awaited Contra co-op with his mom. He later released videos of this trip on his BreakingNCS channel.
  • Episode 5's title has a double meaning. First, it's French for "by plane" and, second, "Avion" is the Collossus fought in the episode. You can guess the rest since it's pretty straight forward!
  • Episode 4 to 7 were badly encoded by NCS. He explains in episode 5's description that he encoded some Vlogs using a preset but forgot to change it back to the HD preset. Unfortunately, we assume that the source files were deleted since he didn't plan on re-uploading HD versions.