Smb2 ncs

Squished Toad! From first Part of the Let's Play.

Let's Play Super Mario Bros. 2 (US) is, by start date, August 26, 2011, NCS' 48th Let's Play. NCS announced the Let's Play (without naming it) in the couple videos he uploaded before going to Pax Prime. The announced length is 7 videos because everything was pre-recorded. The LP is uploaded by Empolo18 while NCS is out of his home, out at Pax Prime from August 25 to September 3rd. The LP ended on September 1st, 2011.


Tracklist is here [N/A]

Ep.# Episode Name Upload Date Link
1 I Toad You So August 26, 2011 Click Here
2 Repeating History August 27, 2011 Click Here
3 Bombs Away August 28, 2011 Click Here
4 Have An Ice Day August 29, 2011 Click Here
5 This Boss Is Crabby August 30, 2011 Click Here
6 Sand In Your Pants August 31, 2011 Click Here
7 Wart Remover Sept. 1, 2011 Click Here