Yo Noid Sorry

I am so sorry for this...

Yo! Noid is, by start date, NCS' 82nd Let's Play and the second one he started after moving to Ohio. It's a platformer for the NES and released in the US as a promotion for Domino's Pizza Claymation mascot. This is why the videos use a pizza background.

Tim considers this to be one of the worst video games he's ever played, but despite this, beat it around 10 times when he was a kid. In playing through the game again today, Tim states that it's not as bad as he remembers, but still not good by any means.

This game was completed on June 8, 2015 using Warps (Any% w/Warps).

Playing this game along with Jackal inspired NCS to do his own 8-Bit Summer event for 2015.

Episodes Edit

Ep. # Episode title Upload date Link
1 The Worst Game Ever June 5, 2015 Click here
2 Avoid This Episode June 6, 2015 Click here
3 Warping On Through June 7, 2015 Click here
4 Finale (Thank God!) June 8, 2015 Click here