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Mary's Making Room Edit

This is an art shop that Tim worked in with his sister and other people and friends. Tim made pixel art with parlour beads of many video game characters to sell in the shop. Unfortunately, it closed down after about eight months.

Second Tim Edit

In a few of his Let's Plays, a second NintendoCapriSun appears to talk over himself and talk about how stupid he is. These Let's Play's include; Donkey Kong 64, Pokémon Saphire and Ocarina of Time three heart run.

Miscellaneous Videos Edit

Top Thirteens Edit

NintendoCapriSun has made two top thirteens: Top thirteen Zelda Cutscenes and Ice Level/World music.

Fake Sequelitis Edit

These are a pair of videos made by Tim, based off of Egoraptor's Sequelitis series.

Give the "R" Some Love Edit

This is a short video which shows how underrated the "R" (rapid) power up in Contra is, and how useful it can be.