"Take a Dump On the Toilet" or "In The Bathroom" is a song by NintendoCapriSun. He wrote the lyrics to the tune of video game background music that plays while the player navigates Clock Town, the primary village in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the Nintendo 64. The music for this game was composed by Koji Kondo and Toru Minegishi.

In part 33 of Let's Play The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask, during a segment which was originally going to be edited out of the video had it not been for what happened, NintendoCapriSun seemingly comes up with his lyrics on the spot for great comic effect. At about 56 seconds into the video he sings,

"...get the toilet scrub brush,
Use some Woolite® to get it out,
Pour some bleach when you're finished,
To eliminate odors.

You don't want your bathroom smelling,
Like piss and shit mixed together,
Because when it happens like that,
No one will want to come-

Over to your house,
And visit you,
Because the stench of poop,
Is so very-

Oh, I fell through the floor it stunk so bad; I fell through the floor.

Take a dump on the toilet,
Flush it when you are finished up,
I know that I just said that,
But it is still funny.

I am almost back now,
So I will have to stop singing,
And change my commentary,
Back to the normal kind."

This song should not be confused with the other "Take a Dump On the Toilet" song that NintendoCapriSun wrote for Mega Man 2.