The Waterhands Edit

The Waterhands are a cartoon idea that Tim and his sister created in 1993. He has mentioned the Waterhands many times in his Let's Plays.

As of January 2016, SimeTheAnimator has began animating some Waterhands scripts.

The Waterhands are aliens made of water that protect Earth from the Slimefoots. There are many different types of aliens in the story such as ElectricHands, Firefoots and Cloudfoots. In a Jealousguy video he talked about a few of the characters. Water and Niagara Falls are the main characters. Their brother, Churchill, was captured by the Slimefoots at the beginning of the series. Churchill is described by Tim as the "Ultimate Waterhand." There is also Hydro, Water's best friend, the Saltwaterhands Salty Saltshaker, Crystal Springs and Aqua Marine. All of the Waterhands have special powers. There are also three more waterhands called tidal, Victoria and Hydro phobia. There is also a character called Supermarket.

In his fake sequelitis Tim is shown as a Waterhand. In his Ni No Kuni Let's Play he talks about a specific episode of Waterhands in which Hydro wins the lottery and buys a spaceship. He also spoke of making a Waterhands RPG.

Slimefoots Edit

The Slimefoots are the villains of the series. The Waterhands protect the earth from the Slimefoots.

Tim has mentioned a few slimefoots in his Let's Plays, including Poindexter, who was Salty Saltshaker's friend online that went by the name Next Period, and Sir Spencer Swisps. Swispers were created by Tim and his Sister and he has mentioned them in several Let's Plays when he sees enemies that are a sort of tentacles. Tim has also mentioned a Slimefoot called Shoulders once.

Electrichands Edit

The only known Electrichands are Static Electricity and Elektra Cute. They are sided with the Waterhands. There was also a comic about an Electrichand, her boyfriend and her father.

Firefoots Edit

Tim has never named any Firefoots or talked about them, but they are probably allied with the slimefoots.

Cloudfoots Edit

Some of the Cloudfoots are sided with the slimefoots and some are sided with the Waterhands. Nimbo Stratus joins the Waterhands Team.